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At the Endometriosis and Fertility Clinic we help women with endometriosis combat their symptoms through nutrition and diet. We support the immune system and ensure that you are eating the correct foods to balance your hormones and to get your inflammation under control. We provide you with some information on these web pages to help yourself, but if you need personal help then we can offer a personalised nutritional therapy session, providing you with an individualised dietary and supplement programme specifically designed for your body's needs.

Endometriosis can be a distressing disease affecting women's health. It can cause the most excruciating pain and in some women it appears to trigger fertility or infertility problems or as we prefer to call it sub-fertility. Whether all the symptoms are caused by endometriosis or they originate from a dreadfully ill body, trying to stay well, surviving the symptoms, becomes a task in itself. Your body wants to be well as that is its natural state. Every body system depends upon the nutrients getting into each cell of the body in order for them to work efficiently. Endometriosis is systemic; it affects every part of the body not just the gynaecolgical organs, though period pain is a common symptom along with irregular periods. You feel ill all over, dreadful fatigue can rule life and the digestive system involvement can trigger bloating, bouts of constipation or diarrohea, abdominal pain and bladder problems. This is indicative of a disease which is affecting the whole body, not just the reproductive organs. The main symptoms of endometriosis can be painful periods (dysmenorrhea), painful intercourse (dyspareunia), painful ovulation, heavy periods often lasting for many days, PMS, there is an increased risk of infertility or as I prefer to call it sub-fertility.

We hope that you will find information in these pages useful. Please travel through these pages to find ideas which may work for you. Of course if you get stuck or need personal advice then please get in touch

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In this important book Dian Mills and Michael Vemon describe clearly what endometriosis is, how it affects the body, the treatments that are already available - both orthodox and complementary - and , most importantly, what practical steps can be taken to push endometriosis into remission. Drawing upon years of research, they show how diet can provide the key to optimum health and can unlock a completely refreshed sense of well-being. This book includes:

  • an explanation of how endometriosis affects the body and advice on how to cope with it
  • a practical account of the key role played by nutrition
  • information on foods that harm, foods that heal, minerals and vitamins
  • delicious recipes and menu suggestions
  • practical tips

This book is now available in kindle format from amazon.co.uk

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