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Endometriosis: a key to healing and fertility through nutrition

Dian Shepperson Mills MA and Michael Vernon PhD HCLD


Fills the void left by traditional treatment of endometriosis
and provides physicians and patients with additional options'

Deborah Metzger PhD MD
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, School of Medicine, Yale University

Approximately one in ten women in the world today is affected by endometriosis, and the number of sufferers is steadily rising. Endometriosis is the condition in which the lining of the womb grows on other organs outside of the uterus, frequently causing intolerable pain. In some cases it may lead to problems conceiving or infertility. But there is hope.

In this important book Dian Mills and Michael Vemon describe clearly what endometriosis is, how it affects the body, the treatments that are already available - both orthodox and complementary - and , most importantly, what practical steps can be taken to push endometriosis into remission. Drawing upon years of research, they show how diet can provide the key to optimum health and can unlock a completely refreshed sense of well-being. This book includes:

'Many women with endometriosis have found that nutrition can play a major role in overcoming some of the most debilitating effects of the disease. Dian Mills has studied the role of nutrition in treating endometriosis and, together with Michael Vernon, has made this information available in an understandable and compassionate way.'